Your ultimate guide to SAP Business One 9.3 new features

The snazzy new version of SAP Business One 9.3 is armored with fantastic features, thanks to the new gems that give it that extra oomph. Speaking of which, if you’re up to speed with SAP Business One and plan on rolling it out for your business you definitely want to know more.

Let’s kick in with a detailed review of this new version so you can upscale Enterprise Resource Planning to the next level. Fitted with awe-inspiring modules and editions, SAP Business One 9.3 is all set to take on the industry for all the right reasons.

What’s New?

The recent prerelease tests revealed that SAP Business One 9.3 has a lot to offer your business and give you an edge over your competitors. Here’s how:

  1. Simplicity
    Backed with enviable new features, you can now set up and administer your users easily. Importing data directly from Excel, adding more user groups, copying table formats of an individual and applying them to groups – all this and more can save time when expanding your list of users. The existing Copy and Workflow features have also gone through a tremendous makeover. You can now comfortably manage and configure workflows in the web-based admin console.
  2. Managing Multiple Branches
    SAP Business One 9.3 allows you to bring together information from multiple branches. This means enhanced functionality and efficiency in filtering data. What does this entail? Users only have access to information in the branches they are assigned to. This means, there’s minimal or zero conflicts between branches.
  3. Increased Tools for Light Manufacturers
    To further their competitive advantage, it’s a no-brainer that light manufacturers need to be efficient and productive. SAP Business One 9.3 is loaded with new tools – Routings feature – in the production module. Earlier, this aspect was an add-on feature that needed to be purchased; now it’s a standard component. What’s more? Individual employees can be assigned to specific cost centers to help build financial insight.
  4. Enhanced Customer Service
    Though SAP Business One is renowned for its supreme presence in heightened CRM capability, the new version pushes boundaries. The addition of the automated Return Material Agreement process (RMA) is just one of the many aspects to look out for.Say, an unhappy customer needs to return a product. The Return Material Agreement process fast-tracks and streamlines it for easy returns. All the user needs to do is put together a pre-step of the return document, populate the fields -quantity, price, and reason for return before they can return the purchased product.

    What this means for you?

    • Comfortably manage the process and track its status
    • Based on the original sales or purchase transaction you can create return requests
    • Ability to track reason for return and a viable action
    • Before goods are returned, register the stock ordered and committed
    • Using a service call to manually create return requests

    The Campaign Management aspect has been tweaked to positively transform your marketing and sales pitch. Your response to customer service concerns will be quicker and more effective given these amazing upgrades.

  5. Project Management Reloaded
    SAP Business One 9.3 comes with extra muscle and myriad updates to its already existing features. Now you track all time-sensitive details of your project in one place. The Gantt chart is also available in case you’re more comfortable with that aspect. For a more efficient cost analysis, you can assign transactions to a project stage and not the project itself.
  6. Pricing Accuracy
    This version of SAP Business One there’s a noted improvement in price list functionality. Besides the default hierarchy, choosing the highest/lowest prices, you can define the price per unit for a component. This allows you to comfortably choose the pricing unit unlike the earlier version where prices were tied to the stock unit within the system.

    The icing on the cake – You can add a believable time period, special prices, and volume discounts for your business partners!

    It’s time to switch over to the new and improvised version of SAP Business One if you haven’t already. You can work your projects with ease and efficiency and maximum profitability with a few upgrades to your business. Time to sharpen your spurs and get started!

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