Should I deploy SAP Business One on premise or on Cloud?

Should I deploy SAP Business One on premise or on Cloud?

This is perhaps the foremost question you have found yourself asking about SAP Business One ERP solution since you made up your mind to invest in an ERP. To answer this question, you need to determine which option suits your business: running the operations in-house, relying on SAP Partner to take care of hardware requirements of the purchased software or use Business One on Cloud?

With SAP Business One, you can take advantage of both options. If you’re a first-time user, let us help you sort this predicament by weighing the benefits of both kinds of deployments.

Benefits of implementing SAP Business One on-premise

If you choose to implement SAP Business One on-premise, the first thing you should know is that it often involves an investment of time, money and office space towards setting up and managing an internal server.

Integrates effortlessly with your existing infrastructure

If you have an established business, chances are that you may already have an on-premise infrastructure in place. In that case, you can choose to migrate when the said infrastructure is up for renewal because Business One seamlessly integrates with your existing system. These days, businesses use multiple systems along with ERP such as CRM, Point Of Sale (POS), e-commerce and marketplace websites for online retail and so on. Linking these applications with SAP B1 is easy when you have an on-premise deployment.

Customize to suit your requirements

SAP Business One’s on-premise model provides unlimited customization options. If your business scenario is highly unique for which the ERP needs to be customized a lot then, it is advised to deploy the solution on-premise with the help of a qualified SAP partner.

Data compliance

If syncing your critical business data such as product pricing, period and volume discounts, supplier information, and most important of all customer and their order details to any third-party system is not acceptable, you’ll need to deploy SAP Business One on-premise.

Benefits of deploying SAP Business One on Cloud

Get faster ROI

One of the biggest purposes of businesses is to achieve a quick return on investments (ROI). Implementing an ERP system is a big investment for any business. So, if you are looking for an ERP that runs rapidly with minimum disruption in your business, SAP Business One on Cloud is the way to go.

Automatic software updates

SAP Business One On-Demand comes with standard customizations, keeping the core ERP features as it is for all customer requirements. Therefore, software patch and version updates to the instance is quite easy. Hence, Cloud deployment can be easily upgradable than an on-premise solution.

Pay as you go

Here comes the greatest benefit of deploying an on-Cloud system. SAP Business One’s Cloud deployment works perfectly for businesses that don’t want to make a massive one-time investment in ERP. You just need to pay a fixed monthly fee for software and users.

Keep your data secure

SAP Business One takes extra care to protect your critical data. Data is protected in secure data centers with an array of physical and network safeguards. Although most organizations are doubtful about using Cloud solutions because of data security issues, the data security for Cloud solutions is actually pretty good.

Talk to the ERP experts at Isys Techworks to understand the nitty-gritties of SAP Business One implementation and get started right away.

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