SharePoint Features Overview

SharePoint is a collaborative platform that’s designed to suit a wide array of business processes. Its myriad content management features which permit business-specific customisation has made it a product with no-close-substitute in the market. It is no wonder that over 75% of Fortune 500 companies are utilizing this software to boost their organisational efficiency through an improved collaborative framework. Here’s taking a look at what SharePoint is and the features that has made it a cut above the rest.

What is SharePoint?

Here are a few definitions along with the schematic representation that will help you have a high level overview of SharePoint.

Definition 1:

SharePoint is a robust collaboration platform that empowers people to work together in ways that are most of effective for them, while reducing IT risk and controlling costs in developing different portals for different organizational/business needs by providing solutions for all needs under a single place SharePoint.

Definition 2:

SharePoint is an application which is specially made for developing readymade portals for satisfying all organizational/business needs in a collaborative manner.

SharePoint readymade portals

Definition 3:

Name itself show that SharePoint= Share + Point, means this is an application which is standing like a Point of Contact for enter organization or for business, which shares the data in a simplest collaborative manner by reducing the complexity in sharing the data.

Sharepoint  server_intranet extranet

10 SharePoint features that’ll boost your businesses productivity

1. Powerful Search Engine – SharePoint’s powerful search engine makes it easy for users to quickly search and find information and documents via metadata.

2. Reliable Server – SharePoint offers a reliable and secured server platform that supports various applications and performs with minimal downtime.

3. Social Computing – It enable creating communities, following documents, sharing content and saving it locally through various social networking tools.

4. Collaborated Environment – SharePoint permits real-time multiuser co-authoring, versioning, check in, checkout and other features, thereby creating a
    well-connected team. The version control feature helps to keep track of changes made to a document.

5. Flexible Web Server – It allows viewing documents of almost all file types on all almost all kinds of end user devices including mobile phones.

6. Easy Content Management – Features like design manager, multisite publishing and others makes content management easy, while improving SEO.

7. Scalable Infrastructure – The scalable infrastructure allows building apps and services.

8. Mitigated Risk– It helps in mitigating corporate risk by managing corporate documents and records.

9. Efficient Workflow Execution – Windows Azure workflow service provides an efficient way to execute the workflow while running it separately, thereby     increasing the stability of SharePoint.

10. Integrated Office365– Integrating SharePoint with Office365 provides easy accessibility, seamless communication and continuous flow of information.

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