How the right partner can make all the difference to your SAP B1 implementation

So you have decided to grow your business with the most popular SAP business one solution. Great! Now comes the tricky part- choosing the right partner to implement and support you in your various business needs. A right SAP partner can provide the right balance of integration and customization for your business, helping you continuously push the envelope on what SAP B1 can do for your business.

It definitely takes two to tango when it comes to SAP Business One. If the implementation is not fashioned and managed by experts who know what they are doing and have the necessary skills, even the greatest software deployment can go terribly wrong. An inaptly done implementation can result in astronomical costs that put your company in jeopardy. Most cannot afford to abandon their ERP project after time, money and resources have been invested. At the end of the day, your business needs their ROI quickly which happens only if you couple the software with a right implementation partner.

When whittling down the shortlist, one has to do their homework early on, for assessing potential partners who can be the right fit for your business and for what you want to achieve.

  1. Is your partner fit for your purpose?
    The reason for implementation whether it is a purely technical upgrade or an enterprise-wide consolidation and process harmonization is important while considering the implementation partner. Both require partners of different tools, methodology and functional teams. There is no point trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
  2. Is your partner experienced with similar implementation?
    Ideally, a right partner should not only be familiar with the implementation of similar size and scope of your project but also have the experience with the various SAP functional modules. Check out the customer portfolio and ask for references.
  3. Does your partner have the vertical expertise?
    Select an implementation partner who has the domain knowledge and industry expertise in the mentioned area as well as understanding the various requirements of the business.
  4. Is your partner culturally fit for you?
    SAP implementation could take more time with consultants and internal people working side by side in a collaborative way. Sharing similar values and work cultures thereby enhance the success of the venture.
  5. What more does your partner offer?
    Not just implementation, but services like training and support, licensing, add-ons development, hardware and service solutions, up-gradation services would ensure an overall solution from procurement to post-deployment of your ERP software.
  6. Is your partner flexible and adaptive?
    It is said that the only constant in life is change. Make sure that your SAP B1 implementation partner is flexible to change in project scope. A right partner will evolve, improve and adapt to the change and circumstances.

You hit the nail on the head when you choose the right implementation partner for your SAP B1 system. So don’t bark on the wrong tree when your right partner is so near to you. Your business is safe in the expert hands of ISys Techworks, a leading SAP Business One partner in South India. A complete array of services such as customization, licensing, implementation and support with our expert team will surely unlock your company’s growth potential.

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