How SAP Business One help project-based businesses?

In spite of having a solid project plan, many project-based businesses end up making much lesser profit than what was projected at the time of starting. This is especially true about engineering companies, electrical contractors and project-based manufacturers who execute orders to customer requirement. The main factor that contributes to this revenue drain is the lack of an integrated software system which allows customization of project specific technical variables and provides access to real-time information that aids decision making.

If your project audit has been showing signs of inefficiency, cost overruns and missed timelines, PROCON could be the savior. Made from the ground up for project-based businesses, PROCON is a customized ERP solution that leverages the power of the SAP Business One in addressing the challenges of project-based businesses.

PROCON is targeted at primarily three industry segments.

  • Engineering companies offering turnkey projects
  • Electrical contractors and electrical control panel manufacturers
  • Real estate builders and construction companies

PROCON was developed as an answer to the challenges faced by project-based businesses in various industries. This customized solution integrates all the core modules of SAP B1 including Financials, Sales, Inventory, Production, Material Management and others into a single system and meets the project-specific requirements of the engineering-to-order and project-based manufacturing companies.

If you wish to more on how this SAP Business One Add-On application can help maximize efficiency and profitability of your project-based business, get in touch with us. Our SAP B1 implementation and support services cover all the major cities in South India including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Cochin.

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