Elevate your customer experiences with SAP’s customer self-service portal

Voice communication has been a dominant way to address customer issues for far too long. But with the advent of mobile and social networking apps, voice calling is about to take a back seat.

Your customers are looking for multiple choices when they need their problems resolved. They are looking for choices where they can initiate an interaction in one channel and complete it in another with consistent user experience across the channels. That’s why, as a service organization you have to deliver these choices for increasing your customer loyalty and retention while keeping the support costs low.

What can emerge as one of your USPs is providing support to customers with efficient problem resolution, transparency in progress with a self-service portal. With customer self-service, customers can get their problems resolved by an intuitive and branded self-service support channel. This will help your business create an exceptional customer service by empowering customers to easily get answers and create and track service request online.

SAP’s customer self-service is a cloud-based portal solution hosted on the HANA cloud platform aimed at offering hassle-free user experience to customers along with mobile consumption. Here’s how SAP customer self-service portal helps you enhance your customer experiences.

Accurate and up-to-date information

With SAP Business One’s customer self-service portal, your patrons can get access to a real-time view of the operational status of their order status, shipment information, invoices, payments, and more.

24/7 access

One of the most important parts of customer service is availability. Problems don’t arise at your convenience. The self-service portal helps you provide your customers the convenience of 24/7 online access to account information through a secure browser-based login.

Create and track service requests

The customer self-service portal hosted on Cloud makes it available as a service channel for end customers. Through this, you can create attractive sites and provide your customers access to create service requests and track request status without breaking a sweat. Customers can access the knowledge base for quick solutions and work together with service agents to resolve issues quickly.

Better response quality and overall customer satisfaction

By allowing end customers to access self-service portal, you can avoid waiting calls in call center queues, improve your customer response time and quality of ticket resolution. It also helps you maintain a central knowledge base and eventually improve overall customer satisfaction.

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