Discover smart warehouse management with SAP Business One

Having trouble keeping up with the inventory? It’s time to ditch the old bookkeeping ways and embrace the futuristic warehouse management ERP solutions that will take all the manual labor out of the equation. Effective warehouse management is crucial for your business because even a small glitch can cause a rippling effect and affect profits.

There are several warehouse management issues businesses face day-to-day such as the inability to access warehouse inventory, inaccurate stock control, overspending, and so on. Is there a way to manage all the aspects of inventory and warehouse? The answer is SAP Business One.

To improve on-time delivery and avoid shortage while ensuring there’s no surplus inventory, you need a system that can manage your inventory accurately across multiples warehouses and locations. Business One gives you real-time access to accurate information on your inventory and production details even from a remote location.

It provides you with several inventory valuation models and facilitates core production planning, including material requirements planning and production orders management. Take a look at how SAP Business One warehouse management solutions help you achieve smart warehouse management.

Keep a track of your inventory and manage costs efficiently

SAP Business One warehouse management solutions help you manage inventory using various costing models, maintain item master data, and use multiple units of measure and pricing. You can create an unlimited number of price lists, integrate multiple currencies, pre-assign prices to specific customers, and define discount rules that are automatically applied to transactions with vendors and customers. It is also fully integrated with costing methods such as FIFO, moving average, serial and batch, and standard price to give you a deep understanding of your item costs, letting you accurately define prices and item discounts.

Track your stock levels on real-time

Can’t keep track of your stocks? Switch to Business One and see the difference for yourself. The software gives you details of quantity, adjusted by what is already committed to other customers, incoming purchases, and production orders. With the power of SAP HANA, ATP checks occur in real-time so you can have a holistic view of your stocks at any point in time. You can propose new delivery schedules, control delivery quantities, and reschedule deliveries on the move.

Maintain an optimum production plan

SAP Business One is equipped with material requirements planning (MRP) functionality, which helps you maintain an optimum production plan for multilevel production processes. Using the MRP wizard, you can specify timelines, stock, and data sources to be considered in planning. This data is used by Business One to make recommendations about your resource needs. Using these recommendations, you can create the production and purchase orders needed to manufacture a final product in the quantity and time specified by the production schedule.

Get up-to-date warehouse reports

SAP Business One in collaboration with SAP Crystal Reports software generates a comprehensive set of reports to meet your warehouse, inventory, or production management reporting needs. You can choose from a variety of programs such as MS Word, Excel or PDF to display the generated reports or compile report information into dashboards. Detailed reports on stock transactions and inventory valuations, inventory counts, BOMs, production planning, and material requirements provide the information necessary to make quick and effective management decisions.

SAP Business One warehouse management solutions provide you a smart way to manage your inventory and warehouse. This efficient warehouse management ERP solution helps you streamline your inventory and production management processes to enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

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